a HORIZONThivatalos partnere PorothermProfi falazási technológia
a HORIZONThivatalos partnere
PorothermProfi falazási technológia

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Uriel-Ubm Construction, Trading and Service Ltd.

We are building and beautifying our clients' homes.

We are realizing their plans, their dreams.

In addition to the traditional brick houses, we have been building high-energy lightweight buildings with steel structure technology since 2005.
We try to make our buildings as the most economical and energy-conscious as possible. With years of experience, we try to help to our customers from design to construction. During the construction we provide useful tips and ideas. We help you to find the right materials with the highest standards of quality, economy and energy to suitable nowdays.

15+ years experiences


Quality and durability

We are building homes

Building Technologies


Construction system with HORIZONT technology

The buildings are fully adapted to individual needs, guaranteed quality, long life, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, low heating energy requirements, resistant to all environmental influences with competitive prices.


Porotherm Professional wall building

The new Wienerberger product line, marketed under the Porotherm Profi brand, it is millimeter-precision,it thanks to polish after brick burning.



General workmanship

We try to satisfy our customers’ wishes in accordance with the best of our knowledge philosophy.

Steel construction rapid house (Horizont Technology)

Brick House (Porotherm and Ytong)

Garage, terrace, parking

Demolition of buildings (total administration, obtaining licenses)

Public utilities (water meters, gas meters, electric meters)

Renovation, Reconstruction

Main wall, bulkhead and cellar construction, build the wall, insulation

To build on attic

Plasterboard installation

Fence construction

Road, pavement, paving stone making

Facade insulation (Hungarocell and Rockwool)

Official construction partner

of HORIZONT technology building system


Highly energy efficient

Very reasonable price, flexible administration

Key ready property home in 3-4 months

Useful floor space is 15% more than in brick construction

Frame life is 150 years

This is how the complete steel structure of a family house

is finished in 16 hours! Let’s see!


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Product Systems

Wall building technology